Black Ops Cold War: How To Unlock The Gate In Safe House

Black Ops Cold War has been released for almost a week now.

The double XP event has now ended, and players are getting situated with the new title.

One aspect of the game that has been receiving a lot of love this time around, has been the campaign.

The new immersive story is one of the best in the series and has an ample amount of easter eggs and other surprises.

One hidden aspect that a lot of players are wondering about is the locked gate within the safe house.

This safe house is where you will get briefings of all your mission; and players want to see what is behind this gate.

If you are struggling to unlock this gate, do not fear as we have got you covered.

Here's how! 



The process in opening this gate is quite simple compared to other easter eggs within the campaign.

Taking a look around the briefing room, you are able to spot three documents that you are able to interact with.

These three documents are titled: 

  • Clinical Record
  • Warren Commission Report
  • Dallas News Article

If you did not know, they are all referring to the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy.

Each of these documents will also have a few clues within them; the ones you are looking for are the two numbers to unlock the gate.

Here are the numbers: 

  • 22 - Warren Commission Report
  • 11 - Clinical Record
  • 63 - Dallas News

The code to unlock the safe will be 112263; we will keep what is behind the gate a secret in case you do not want any spoilers! 


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