Black Ops Cold War Glitch Grants Players Thermal Vision

Bugs and glitches of all kinds have appeared within Black Ops Cold War since its release in November 2020. Most issues including bouncing Care Packages have disappeared from the game thanks to Treyarch releasing numerous hotfixes in a bid to tackle any kind of problem that could impact the game.

As players continue to grind multiplayer, a bizarre glitch involving the Gunship Scorestreak has given players access to thermal vision, allowing them to see through smoke grenades and to score kills incredibly easily.

Clearly providing players that encounter the glitch an unfair advantage, they were quick to express their frustrations surrounding yet another issue to negatively impact the game.

Here’s everything we know about the issue.

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Black Ops Cold War Thermal Vision Bug

Reddit user ‘bryanhun64’ uploaded a video showcasing how the bug influences the game.

After scoring the 10,000 points required to earn the Gunship, they hid in a corner and opened up the laptop to unleash a barrage of fire from the skies. The enemy was quick to recognise the threat and quickly dispatched of the streak before it could make an impact on the game.

Having closed the laptop, the player found their screen had turned to black and white alongside the ability to see opponents thanks to a glowing white outline similar to the thermal optics available in the Gunship.

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How Did It Happen?


Black Ops Cold War Thermal Vision Gunship Bug
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The likely issue that bought about this peculiar bug is using two Scorestreaks in quick succession. The player had quickly exited one streak before attempting to call in the Gunship.

Despite failing to make the most of the Gunship before it was destroyed, the player still managed to receive some form of advantage in the form of thermal vision.

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