How to make BitLife friends

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The last thing you want in BitLife is for your character to be alone, so why not make some buddies? BitLife friends are a great way to expand your social circle, providing you plenty of companions to hang out with and experience events alongside.

This BitLife guide will explain what friends do in the game, as well as going over exactly how to make new friends. It's quite a simple process, so you should pick it up in no time. We'll also explore the best friends mechanic, which works slightly differently to normal friends you encounter.

What are BitLife friends?

BitLife friends are exactly that: NPCs who become your buddies. They work in a similar way to romantic partners, as you can hang out with them - without the romance, of course.

The activities you can do range from nights out to concerts, and pretty much any of the pasttimes in the game.

Aside from that, BitLife friends don't have any special utility, or unlock any new opportunities present elsewhere. Instead, they're just good to have around for spontaneous invites to events, or just to pad out your friends list and make your character a bit more popular.

Image of the friend request screen in BitLife
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How do I make friends in BitLife?

The opportunity to make friends will constantly emerge during your BitLife experience.

Very often, prospective friends will come up to you and ask if you want to be buddies, at which point you can accept or reject. A lot of these scenarios emerge during school and college, where classmates will ask if you want to be friends.

Of course, you can also approach people yourself and request their friendship. Simply browse through your school class or work office members, and hit the Befriend button. If they like you, then you'll have a new friend. If not, you'll have egg on your face.

If you don't spend enough time with your friends, they may try and unfriend you. In that scenario you have three options: let them go, beg for them to stay, or insult them as they leave. Be careful though, because being harsh may result in them becoming your enemy.

Image of a best friend request in BitLife
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BitLife best friends explained

If you want to take your friendship one step further, you can become best friends with someone in BitLife.

Note that you can only be best friends with one person at once, and if you already have one and change it, you may lose the friendship with your former BFF.


Being best friends with someone on BitLife doesn't have too many alternate perks, however. All it means is that the likelihood of that person asking to hang out is increased.

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