Biomutant: Which Resistance to Choose?

At the start of Biomutant you will be asked to create a character. There are many aspects to consider here, one being your natural resistance. You can tweak this Resistance as you wish, but which one should you favour? In this Biomutant Resistance guide we'll take a look at which Resistance you should pick.

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Which Resistance to Choose

You will be presented with a circle of four Resistances at the start of Biomutant. You can move the cursor to customise what your character can handle, with Heat, Cold, Radioactivity and Biohazard being the main options. This choice doesn't really matter, as you can actually upgrade your Resistance at any time, and won't run into hazardous areas at first. We recommend going for Heat and Biohazard, as these will help you with some of the enemies early in the game.

Choosing a Resistance in Biomutant
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Upgrading Resistances

As we mentioned before, you can actually upgrade your Resistances at any time while playing the game. Just head to the Mutations menu and select 'Upgrade Resistances'. You can spend a Bio Point to increase each Resistance by 10 percent, which is a big increase. This essentially makes that initial choice pretty pointless, but hey-ho.

That's all you need to know about picking a Resistance in Biomutant. For more on the game be sure to check out our Biomutant Porky Puff guide. There's also our look at getting a mount.

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