Biomutant Glider: How to Get the Automaton Glider Wings

The Glider is an extremely useful tool in Biomutant. You should get your hands on it as soon as you can, which is where this guide comes in. In this Biomutant Glider Unlock Guide we'll take a look at how to get the Automaton Wings. Once you've got them, we'll show you how to make the best of them as you explore.

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How to Unlock the Glider in Biomutant

To unlock the Glider in Biomutant you will first need to locate the Mirage. We've played through the game twice and found that this large character pops up in the different places at first. Just keep an eye out for him and look for a 'Catch the Mirage' pop-up on your screen. Head towards him and interact to start a mission. We've included a screenshot of the Mirage character below. We do know that you will need to have cleared the first flashback story mission for Mirage to appear. You'll play through this automatically.

The Mirage in Biomutant
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Once you've located the Mirage you will need to fight an enemy from your past. You can either win or lose the fight it doesn't matter. Afterwards, the Mirage will upgrade a function of your Automaton. Choose the Glider.

Using the Glider

To use the Glider in Biomutant you will need to jump off somewhere high and hold the jump button. Your Glider will deploy and you can float down to the ground. This is obviously great for reaching new areas and for covering large portions of the map, safe high above any enemies. You can also use it to set up certain drop attacks so keep the Glider in mind when heading into a fight.

That's how to unlock the Glider in Biomutant. For more help with the game visit our guide on getting a mount. Elsewhere there's our Biomutant Resistance Guide.

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