Biomutant: How to Get a Mount

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Biomutant's world is sprawling, with plenty of oddities to explore as you move around. You'll want to get a mount as soon as you can to get around faster. You won't unlock one for a little while when starting out, but once you do you can start taming creatures to ride. Here's how to get a mount in Biomutant.


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How to Get a Mount in Biomutant


To get your first Mount in Biomutant just play through the story until you attack your first outpost, having sided with either the Myriad or Jagni tribe. Leave the area and a side quest will trigger called Feeding Time. You'll need to collect a Pip plant and feed it to the nearby Gnoat. This will unlock it as a mount.

How to Get New Mounts

There are three main ways to get new mounts in Biomutant: Story, Taming and Buying them. To tame new mounts you will need to collect the required Pips. Interact with a tameable creature to see the requirements. Pips can be found in orange bushes like those shown in the image above. Just give the right Pip to a creature and you will see love hearts above their head. You can now mount them.


Mounts List

We've only found a few different kinds of mount while exploring Biomutant. We'll update this list as we find more.

  • Meka Mjut - story
  • Mjut - story
  • Abo Gnoat - tameable
  • Turgel Gnoat - tameable
  • Puki Azure Gnoat - tameable
  • Kot Puttingnoat - buyable

Change Mount

To change mounts you will need to head into the pause menu and select the 'Transport' tab. You can swap out your main mount, which can be called by pressing down on the d-pad. All mounts you unlock will be listed in the Transport menu, and can be switched out on the fly.

That's how to get a Mount in Biomutant. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on switching off the narrator. Elsewhere there's our look at upgrading Resistance.