Biomutant: Which Class Is Best?

There are five different classes to choose from when creating your character in Biomutant. Each offers slightly different perks and advantages. At this point you won't really know which one to pick, as you won't have gotten into a single fight yet. To help you make the most of the first few hours we've put together this Biomutant Class guide. We'll go through each class and then offer tips on which one is best to go with. Let's take a look.

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Biomutant Classes: Which Should You Pick?

Biomutant's five classes basically offer different starting gear and a few skills to get you started. There are some that are definitely more beginner friendly, while others will take a while to reach their full potential. Here are the different classes you can choose from:


The Dead Eye class starts you off with dual handguns and a two-handed slash weapon. It also comes with the Perfect Reload Perk:

  • Perfect Reload: Instant reload for ranged weapons, next magazine deals +20% damage

Dead Eye offers a balanced playstyle leaning into fast shooting and reloading. The perks that are available for unlock are spread between ranged and melee, making this a fairly good place to start.


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Next up is Commando, a class focused on surviving at low health and getting up close and personal with your enemies. It comes with the Fury Perk:

  • Fury: Ranged attacks do 10 % added damage

The Commando class comes with an automatic rifle and a one-handed melee weapon. You will have a fairly good time pairing this class with melee-focused attacks, triggering Fury to back off and do some ranged damage every now and then.


The Psi-Freak class is focused on abilities and Mutations, making it one of the more complex starting classes. You'll get a base pistol and a pair of electrified gloves. These hit fast and deal electricity damage. You'll also get the Spark Ball and Megamind perks.

  • Spark Ball: Throw an energy ball
  • Megamind: Ki Regen +20%

As we mentioned, the Psi-Freak is a tricky class to start out with. It easily has the highest ceiling, and can be very powerful when upgraded throughout the game.


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The Saboteur class is a great option for those just starting out in Biomutant. It has a high crit chance, and its Perks allow you to get in close and dodge often. You'll start with dual-wielding one-handed melee weapons, perfect for learning the Wing-Fu system. Here are the starting Perks:

  • Twin Silver Grip: Dual wield melee weapons
  • Hypergenetic: Dodge cost reduced by 20%


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Finally we have the Sentinel Class. This one starts with a two-handed crush melee weapon and the starting pistol. You'll get the following Perk:

  • Toughness: Base armour increased by 10

The extra armour granted here is pretty negligible all things considered, though the melee weapon is very effective against groups.

Best Class to Choose

The best class for beginner's is the Saboteur class. Make sure you unlock the Perfect Reload perk early on and you'll have the best of the Saboteur and Dead-Eye classes. The extra crit damage is a great boost here, so pair it with melee weapons that hit fast. Practise using your extra dodge energy to chain together attacks and you'll be off to a great start early on in the game. Keep an eye out for the Evasive Perk that unlocks at level 15, which grants extra armour while dodging.

That's all you need to know about the best class in Biomutant. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting the Automaton Glider. Elsewhere there's our look at beating the Porky Puff.

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