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Did EA Actually Leak Battlefield 6's Release Date?

EA might have created a Battlefield 6 release date leak in an official piece of communication, or if not the release date, something significant.


A message EA sent to certain influencers contains several pieces of blurred text with some key areas left unblurred, including the transmission date.

That’s where the oddity is.

The transmission date has no year, but lists the day and month next to “3600 hours.”

It has some people wondering whether the 3,600 hours could be a reference to the Battlefield 6 release date, that it could potentially release 150 days after the transmission date.


Taking the date as April 1, that would mean an August 29 release date, but there’s an issue with that date.

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Did EA Just Leak Battlefield 6's Release Date?

It conflicts with earlier official statements that the game would release in the holiday 2021 season.

However, there’s another possibility aside from this being a Battlefield 6 release date leak.

The image began circulating the day of this post, June 4.

Presumably, EA’s public relations team finalized the image the day before, June 3, which would make the transmission date 150 days from January 4 (1-4-2021).

Mystery solved.

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