How to Report Players in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is just over a month away, but players are already excited to try out DICE's latest iteration in this long-running franchise. EA's been doing damage control by explaining how they'll terminate accounts for toxic behaviour, encouraging those who've been targeted to report Battlefield 2042 players.

Reporting toxic Battlefield 2042 players may seem like the most obvious option for most, but that tool can be hard to find in some games. As such, it’s good of EA to release a guide on how to handle this.

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How to Report Players in Battlefield 2042

EA's revealed that a streamlined process for reporting Battlefield 2042 players, assuring everyone that you'll be able to do this fairly easily during a game, and that's an inspired move. Without any further ado, here’s how to report Battlefield 2042 players when they’re being toxic bullies:

  • From the Player and Squad List or Social Menu, select the player you wish to report
  • Select Report
  • Select the reason for your report: Abusive Text Chat, Abusive Voice Chat, Cheating/Exploiting, Gameplay Sabotage, Offensive Player Name, or Harassment
  • Select Send Report
  • You can add an optional comment if necessary

It's pretty straightforward, so no one should have issues reporting Battlefield 2042 players, though we hope the devs in Ripple Effect act swiftly and fairly.

A player in the process of reporting someone in Battlefield 2042
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Sadly, reporting players in video games isn’t new, but cheaters and bullies have found ways to either exploit the system or come back with a new account. So, all we can do is hope this method is effective enough to scare off toxic Battlefield 2042 players.

Battlefield 2042 is coming out on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 19. For more on Battlefield 2042, here's what you need to know about the Battle Pass and the game's PC requirements.

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