Battlefield 2042 How to Fly Jets and Planes

Battlefield 2042 is available now, and fans have been all over the game's (arguably overpowered) vehicles. With Battlefield Portal introducing a ton of fun customization options and the reliably chaotic vehicles the series is known for, some of you might be struggling with how to fly jets in Battlefield 2042.

For those who haven’t played in a while or are trying out Battlefield for the first time, here’s what you need to know about flying jets - they're pretty challenging for newcomers.

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Battlefield 2042 How to Fly Jets and Planes

Here are all the relevant tricks you'll need to know in Battlefield 2042.

How to Start Take Off

First off, if you want to use a jet at all in Battlefield 2042, you’re going to need to actually get to the air first, and this can be a bit tricky if you haven’t played this series in a while.

Press W on PC or move up with the left analog stick on the console to start getting on the air. Continuing to move up could confuse some players though, as you will need to then press S on PC or move down with the right analog stick on the console.

How to Start Rolling and Turning

Turning is a challenge for a first-timer when you’re using a jet in Battlefield 2042 too, as players will need to make the plane roll before turning by either pressing the left tab on PC or moving the right analog stick to the left and vice-versa if you want to roll your jet to the right.

How to Fire Weapons

In theory, using your jet’s weapons in Battlefield 2042 is as simple as pressing RT or R2 on Xbox or PlayStation and Space + LMB on PC but you will need to be more precise with your aim.

This is why players will need to pitch down by pressing up on PC or moving the right stick up on your console, so make sure to do this at just the right time to perform a successful airstrike.

How to Land

Finally, if you’re planning to land your jet in Battlefield 2042, make sure to find some clear land without any obstacles and press S on PC or move the left analog stick down on the console.

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