Former Battlefield 3 Designer Is “Astonished” at Battlefield 2042 Missteps

Battlefield 2042 cannot catch a break. Following recent news that Season One has been delayed until this Summer, Update 3.3 getting pushed back until March, and a refund petition from fans now reaching 118k signatures, a former DICE designer has now criticised 2042's design decisions.

Speaking in a Twitter thread, David Goldfarb, lead designer and writer for Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2, claimed he's "astonished" by recent missteps. Having watched 2042 gameplay footage on YouTube, Goldfarb outlined his full thoughts, telling followers "I have some questions about that product."

Former Battlefield 3 Designer Is “Astonished” at Battlefield 2042 Missteps

Questioning missing features from previous games, Goldfarb stated:

Why are there no smaller infantry maps? Why was 128 player count a thing that didnt seemingly have any accommodation for infantry? why are whole maps shipping without any detail art?

Elaborating further, Goldfarb then tells us "I’m astonished that there were this many missteps even knowing the obstacles from higher up." You can click above to view his comments in full.

We didn't have brilliant opinions in our own 2/5 review, where we believed "fixes are desperately needed that can bring Battlefield 2042 to its full potential." Battlefield 2042 is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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