Petition for Battlefield 2042 Refunds Gets 60k Signatures

Battlefield 2042 has proven disappointing for many fans, and there's tension across the fan community. We've now reached a point where a refund petition for Battlefield 2042 has gained significant traction, reaching over 60,000 signatures already.

As found on, this petition demands refunds for all platforms Battlefield 2042 is available on, as only Steam currently allows this. The description states:

EA’s release of Battlefield 2042 was a mockery of every customer who purchased this video game for $70 (USD) due to EA’s false advertising. Battlefield 2042 has cost consumers millions of dollars in damages and upset thousands of customers worldwide.

Petition for Battlefield 2042 Refunds Gets 60,000 Signatures

Complaints listed in this petition include the game not being playable at launch, and the lack of game-changing updates released since. It’s worth noting that EA did acknowledge these problems recently by promising major fixes this year, even delaying the game’s first season to do so.

We didn't have brilliant opinions in our own 2/5 review, where we believed "fixes are desperately needed that can bring Battlefield 2042 to its full potential." For now, fans may want to wait before picking it up, though anyone interested in buying it can do so on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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