Is Battlefield 2042 Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Battlefield 2042 has just been revealed for many next generation consoles on its reveal. However, EA didn’t mention Nintendo’s console for this upcoming title. Will Battlefield 2042 be coming to Nintendo Switch?

Not On Switch Yet

As of latest Battlefield 2042 gameplay and reveal trailer, the confirmed platforms for this title are Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC. No Nintendo Switch release has been mentioned or confirmed yet.


Meanwhile, the Battlefield 2042 pre-orders for all these platforms are currently ongoing on all these platforms. The Nintendo Switch needs to happen as early as possible to prepare its Nintendo playerbase for the upcoming open beta and early access on the game on release.

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Unlikely On Nintendo Consoles

As for any Battlefield title, EA has not released any Battlefield entry on the platform. Ever since the Nintendo Switch’s release in 2017, both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V has never been released on the Nintendo platforms.


Currently, Battlefield 2042 needs some fan uproar and demand for EA to consider putting it on the platform. The closest EA first-person shooter on Nintendo Switch will be Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. Instead of massive, full-scale territorial takeovers, Apex Legends is a squad-based Battle Royale game.

Before Release Chances

Over the months before the game’s release on October, fans have a chance to know if EA suddenly announces to release the game on Nintendo Switch. Potentially, EA will have more information about the game’s platforms during that reveal.

So far, only gameplay mode information have been confirmed for the reveal on July. However, EA can surprise their fans with more information than announced and may include the Nintendo Switch as a console for Battlefield 2042.


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