New Back 4 Blood Trailer Shows How the Nightmare Begins

Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios released a new Back 4 Blood trailer giving an overview of how the Ridden catastrophe came into being.

If you played the Back 4 Blood beta, you know story isn't a huge point in Back 4 Blood. Apparently, Turtle Rock took the same lighthearted approach to what narrative does exist as they did for the characters.

Back 4 Blood starts with one very big, very nasty worm. One infected worm spreads its zombification through a lab accident until the entire city is overrun - minus a small band of intrepid heroes.

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New Back 4 Blood Trailer Shows How the Nightmare Begins

The trailer stops short of showing the as-yet unrevealed characters, though we do get a glimpse at areas beyond those shown in the beta.

We see streets swarming with Ridden, a school overrun with monsters, and even what looks like possible alternate routes for some familiar stages such as the bridge escape.

In short, it's everything beta players wondered about that seemed to be missing from the beta.

Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, pitting teams of four players, or a few humans and some AI, against merciless zombie hordes. Unlike its predecessors - and most zombie games - Back 4 Blood uses a unique card system that determines your loadouts in each stage.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Back 4 Blood beta in August and don't have long to wait for more. Turtle Rock's horror shooter releases October 12 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PS5, and PC.

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