Back 4 Blood Offline Play Isn't Happening for a While

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Turtle Rock Studios confirmed there is no Back 4 Blood offline mode — yet.

The development team said on Twitter (thanks VGC) they will explore opportunities to provide Back 4 Blood offline play following the game’s release date on October 12.


It’s what you’d expect from an online multiplayer game, true.

However, Back 4 Blood offers a way to play the game solo with three AI-controlled teammates.

Even when you’re playing solo like that, though, you’ll still have to have an online connection.

The fact has been almost entirely absent from Back 4 Blood’s marketing up to now, and players only spotted it on the PlayStation Store listing that said an online connection is required to play the game.


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Back 4 Blood Offline Play Isn't Happening for a While

It was also absent from the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 showcase that announced Back 4 Blood will be on Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


Still, it doesn’t mean Turtle Rock will never add it in.

On the bright side, if anyone owns the game's DLC, all players joining the party will get to access it.

There’s also more than one chance to get used to how the game plays solo and in a party of other people.

The Back 4 Blood open betas scheduled to begin August 5 for those who pre-order the game and August 12 for everyone else.


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