Back 4 Blood Will Let All Players Enjoy DLC If One Player Owns It

Turtle Rock's Back 4 Blood will let players share purchased DLC, so long as one 'host' has purchased the additional content.

In a move that's likely to ensure the player base sticks together, only one player will need to buy any DLC - including maps and other post-launch content.

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Back 4 Blood Will Let All Players Enjoy DLC If One Player Owns It

The announcement comes via a new blog post from the studio.

"In PvE, if your party leader owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them - including maps, gameplay and campaign."

The post also helps to assuage concerns over purchases being pay-to-win in a PvP environment.

"In PvP, everyone who bought Back 4 Blood can get access to all additional PvP content, even without purchasing content drops," the post explains.

"Players who don't buy the content drops can earn new playable characters and ridden in PvP, for free, through progression. Additionally, all PvP players have access to the same cards at the start of each match, regardless of whether those players have purchased content drops or not."

Back 4 Blood appeared as part of Microsoft's E3 showcase, and was confirmed to be dropping onto Xbox Game Pass on day one. Find out more here.

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