Back 4 Blood: How to Claim the Battle Hardened Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can claim the Battle Hardened Pack for Back 4 Blood. It contains skins for Mom, Holly, Evangelo and Walker, as well as some weapon skins. You can redeem it via the Game Pass app. Here's how.

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How to Claim the Battle Hardened Game Pass Ultimate Perks

To claim the Battle Hardened pack for Back 4 Blood you will need to be a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. If you're on PC, head to your Game Pass app and select 'Perks'. You will be able to redeem from there. Similarly, if you are on an Xbox console, Perks can be found by launching the Game Pass app. There's also a Game Pass app on mobile. Just download it and click on your profile. You will see 'Perks' for Back 4 Blood on this screen. Select this and you will get a 25-digit code that can be redeemed in the store.

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What's Included?

As part of the Battle Hardened Bundle you will get the following:

  • Mom (BH Skin)
  • Holly (BH Skin)
  • Walker (BH Skin)
  • Evangelo (BH Skin)
  • M4 Carbine Fort Hope Skin
  • RPK Fort Hope Skin
  • 870 Express Fort Hope Skin
  • Uzi Fort Hope Skin

Head here for more info on changing your character's equipped skins.

That's how to redeem the Battle Hardened Pack as a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. For more help with the game, be sure to visit our Back 4 Blood Walkthrough Hub. It's where you'll find all of our guides in one place.

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