Back 4 Blood: How To Remove Weapon Attachments

Weapons are a huge part of Back 4 Blood, after all, you'll need powerful weaponry to be able to take out hundreds upon hundreds of Ridden in each area. You're also able to add attachments these weapons but sometimes you change your mind after using them for a while. So, we're here to answer a burning question - can you remove weapon attachments?

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Can You Remove Weapon Attachments?

The answer is yes and no. You can swap out weapon attachments with new ones if you want to replace them but you cannot remove them altogether.

How To View Your Weapon Attachments

To view which attachments you currently have on your weapon whilst in the middle of a level you need to open up your inventory menu which should look like this:

Back 4 Blood weapon inventory screen
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On here you can see the weapons that you are currently carrying, including their attachments. To see the attachments in detail you simply need to click on the weapon and you will be able to inspect each individual attachment. Also, at the bottom of your screen, you will see how much Copper you have and how much of each ammunition type you're carrying.

If you're enjoying the game then you should take a look at our other guides in our walkthrough hub.

How To Control Your Weapon Attachments

The only way to control which weapon attachments you have is to take your time when looking at them and pay attention to what you decide to pick up. Granted, in a game where hundreds of flesh-eating zombie-like creatures are after you, it's a bit hard to make time to really delve into each attachment you come across.

However, as you play through the game the more likely you are to learn which attachments you like and which ones you don't get on with so it's helpful to try to make a list of your preferred ones. This means that if you come across it in battle in an orange crate or are already on a weapon within a weapons crate, you're more likely to be able to choose something that you'll work well with.

For now, you will need to be clever and careful with which attachments you choose for your weapon in Back 4 Blood. We have a guide on orange crates, which are where you can find attachments and weapons in the field. Also, we have a guide for how to unlock all of The Cleaners so if you can't get the weapon you want then at least you can have the character you want.

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