Obsidian's Avowed Takes Place in a Familiar World

Obsidian Entertainment's next big first-person RPG, Avowed, will seem familiar to fans of the popular Pillars of the Eternity franchise.

That is because it takes place in Pillars of Eternity's world of Eora.

While details at this point are scare, a few rumors are floating about, and little hints are given in the trailer.

Where Does Avowed Take Place?

Rumors place Avowed in either the continent of Aedyr or the far northern continent of The Living Lands.

These rumors come from the trailer, which contains imagery that seems to point more to Aedyr than any other place on Eora.

Aedyran symbols and effigies to Galawain can be seen throughout the trailer, and the runes on the sword shown at the end of the trailer also translate to "Oathbinder," one of the names a diety, Woedica, is known by.

Also known as "The Exiled Queen," "The Strangler," and "The Burned Queen," Woedica is a prominent god in the Aedyr Empire.

When Does Avowed Take Place?

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With the limited amount of information given in the trailer, it is hard to tell where in the Eora timeline Avowed takes place and how much crossover the game will have with Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II.

Fans of the Pillars series believe Avowed may take place before Pillars of Eternity, taking place before Woedica's exile.

This could explain the character shown in the trailer wielding a magic sword named after the goddess and the overarching theme of forsaken oaths.

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How Many Moons?

Pillars of Eternity players know that Eora has two moons, Beläfa and Cawldha Debh.

There was also a third moon that existed thousands of years before the series called Ionni Brathr.

This moon was destroyed by Abydon, the god of crafting, when Ondra, the goddess of seas and oceans, tried to pull it down to destroy the Engwithans living in the Eastern Reach and the Deadfire Archipelago.

If Avowed really does turn out to be a prequel, will it be set in the time of three moons?

Most likely not, even though the Aedyr Empire is one of the oldest empires on Eora.

Still, a story set that long before Pillars of Eternity would certainly be an interesting one to play through.

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