Avowed Will Most Likely Not Arrive Until 2023

Avowed has players chomping at the bit for another epic first-person RPG.

Unfortunately, it looks like they will not get their hands on the game any time soon, with new news about the title releasing at a snail's pace while Obsidian focuses on other projects first.

Avowed Updates

It has been several weeks since there has been any information about Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment's answer to Bethesda's Elder Scrolls 6.

A teaser was unveiled at E3, with a smattering of information to follow, yet eager players have not gotten much else since.

Now it looks like there may not be any major news about the game until 2022, with Obsidian focusing more on The Outer Worlds 2, a title that may actually be further behind development than Avowed is.

There is a slight chance that fans may get more information on Avowed during The Game Awards 2021 in December, but there is a better chance more information about The Outer Worlds 2 will be released at that time.

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The Outer Worlds 2

If Obsidian really is placing a higher priority on The Outer Worlds 2, then it seems that 2022 may be a wash for gamers looking to get their hands on Avowed.

While another Outer Worlds game is nothing to scoff at, lovers of fantasy are going to be more eager to dig into the Pillars of Eternity world of Eora.

Elder Scrolls 6

With the release of The Elder Scrolls 6 looking like it is going to be 2024 at the earliest, Obsidian may have chosen to take their time with Avowed and not rush the title.

A 2023 release would still beat out Bethesda by a significant amount of time, so there is no rush for the Avowed.

Of course, all these release dates are still rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Hard Truth

Avowed title
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The truth of the matter is that all the industry has at this point is speculation based on the news given and other titles in development by various studios.

It is well known that Obsidian is currently working on several RPG titles, and there is no guarantee when any of them will actually arrive until fans get some more information from the company.

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