How Will Avowed Differ From Skyrim?

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While the brief first-person shot of Avowed in its teaser trailer does not give players much to go on, it certainly looked a lot like Skyrim.

How will Avowed differ from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series?


When asking that question, players also need to ask themselves, does it really need to?

Obsidian First-Person RPGs

Outer Worlds Banner
SPACE: Outer Worlds is quite good

Obsidian has proven themselves to handle first-person RPGs pretty well, with Fallout: New Vegas and Outer Worlds under their belt.

In fact, they have taken Bethesda's formula for these styles of games and implemented it in their own games fairly well.

Between Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, many fans find the latter to be the superior title in the series.

Outer Worlds has also done extremely well, offering a different take on the science fiction, first-person RPG.


Should it surprise players that a developer who has worked closely with Bethesda in the past is coming out with their own first-person fantasy RPG?

"Very Different"

Avowed Trailer Screenshot
FAMILIAR: Swords and spells

During an interview with IGN, Xbox Game Studios Phil Spector mentioned that Avowed will feel very different than the Elder Scrolls series and that he has no doubt Elder Scrolls 6 will be an amazing game.

Xbox Game Studios is publishing Avowed, and the game will be the company's core fantasy RPG title.

Spector says that Avowed's place in the company's lineup will be more similar to Fable, a light-hearted RPG with a more British feel.

Of course, Avowed also takes place in the Pillars of Eternity universe, which offers its own version of fantasy than Elder Scrolls does.

"I think Avowed, from just a core fantasy-based RPG, there's gonna be some distinct differences with what Elder Scrolls has done traditionally..."

While it seems unlikely that the overall tone of Avowed will be similar to Fable, there certainly are some aspects of Fable that could carry over well into an open-world RPG.


While the Elder Scrolls series often allows players to tackle its games in multiple ways using a slew of different skills, it would be interesting to see Avowed take a more streamlined approach, similar to how Fable did with its Good/Evil system.

While something simplistic would not work well on such a grand scale, the core ideas could be refreshing and less intimidating to gamers new to the genre.

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Does It Need to Differ?

Elder Scrolls VI title
HAMMERFELL: Avowed's Biggest Competitor

While Avowed will certainly appeal to Pillars of Eternity fans, it is more likely to be picked up by players of games like the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Outer Worlds series.

Does it really need to differ much from Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind?


To the average first-person RPG fan, probably not.

As long as the game has a rich story and a system that allows players to flesh out their character as they see fit, most fans will probably be happy.

When taking a hard look at Elder Scrolls, each game in the series after Morrowind has offered players more quality of life updates and a bit more flexibility.

If Avowed really does deliver a different experience, all the better, but it does not really need to obtain an audience of dedicated fans.

While Obsidian and Xbox Games studios are sure to want a title to build future titles off of, many players are probably going into Avowed as a placeholder until Elder Scrolls VI arrives.

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