Is Avowed Coming To PC?

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Avowed is the upcoming fantasy RPG from developers Obsidian. It was first announced in July last year, wherein the game will be an Xbox exclusive title.

After Obsidian was acquired by Xbox Games Studios last 2018, the game is already expected to be an Xbox exclusive one. But fans are also wondering if the game would eventually be available in the Microsoft/PC platform as well.

Browse through this article to know more about Avowed, including if it will come to PC.

What is Avowed?

Avowed is slated to be a first-person medieval fantasy RPG set in the land of Eora. Here is a short trailer that was released during the game’s official announcement last July 2020.

Avowed could be somehow compared to the 2011 classic The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim which involved an RPG-style based on sword combat and mystical abilities.

Is Avowed Coming To Windows PC?

Since we already know that Avowed will be an Xbox exclusive, it is highly expected that the game will also be available for Windows 10 PCs.

Although as of now, there is still no announcement about the official release date for Avowed. So it is best to stay tuned for more news about the upcoming RPG from Obsidian and Xbox Games Studios.

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