Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarok: How Long to Beat?

Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarok is an expansion to 2020's AC Valhalla. It focuses on Havi (Odin), as he journeys a new land in search of his son. In the process, he must team up with the dwarves, and make use of the new Hugr-Rip, an artefact that pulls the life force from enemies. There's raids to take on, bosses to fight, and encampments to loot, as Havi battle Surtr himself to free his family.

Ragnarok is on its way, but Havi has other concerns. Namely the fire-Gods standing in his way, cutting down and enslaving the dwarves that inhabit the realm. Dawn of Ragnarok is a hefty expansion, and isn't included in the Season Pass currently. So is it worth your time and money? We'll help to answer that by giving you an estimate on how long it takes to beat Dawn of Ragnarok. Here's what you need to know.

Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarok: How Long to Beat?

The main story for Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarok took me around 12 hours to complete. I was over levelled pretty much the whole way, and played on normal difficulty. In terms of side content, I didn't really do much while playing the main story, aside from a few raids and two side quests. With everything involved on the map, including all loot locations, world events and quests, Dawn of Ragnarok will likely take at least 35 hours to clear fully. Again, this is 100% completion. This tracks with pre-release information provided to us by Ubisoft.

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In the preview event I attended, Ubisoft representatives said that Dawn of Ragnarok takes 35 hours to complete. This tracks with my experience with the game so far. Your experience may vary depending on how much exploration you do, your power level going in, and what difficulty you play on.

That's how long it takes to beat Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarok. For more on the game, be sure to read our full review. Elsewhere there's our look at the recommended power level going in.

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