We're Not Kidding, Ubisoft Has Announced 6 Mister Men and Little Miss Crossover Books Based On Assassin's Creed

While we're not getting a new Assassin's Creed game this year, Ubisoft are busy with plans for it's Expanded Universe. Between a Black Flag webtoon sequel, new Shao Jun books, Netflix shows and more, chances are you didn't have a Mister Men and Little Miss crossover on your AC bingo card. But, according to Ubisoft, that's exactly what we're getting.

Releasing in 6 volumes, this new collaboration is questionably placing assassins into children's literature. Though series creator Roger Hargreaves has long passed away, these will illustrated by his son Adam, who took over the series upon his death. While Adam later sold the rights to Chorion - who since sold it to Sanrio - he still works on new entries.

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We're Not Kidding, Ubisoft Has Announced Mister Men and Little Miss Books Based On Assassin's Creed

Detailing what to expect, Ubisoft confirmed "By mixing the Assassin's Creed® sense of adventure and history with the colorful and delightful designs of the Little Mr. Men, these books will appeal to both young and adult readers. Follow Mister Ezio, Little Miss Kassandra, and Little Miss Eivor, as they each try to complete their own missions in the first three books of this series!

Presently, we don't know who the other three assassins will be, nor is there a solid release date, but Ubisoft have a few things to answer for here.

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