Ubisoft Offer Details About Assassin's Creed Plans In 2021, Revealing New Expanded Universe Projects

After Assassin's Creed's soft reboot with Origins, Ubisoft has released new entries every two years, but that doesn't mean they're keeping quiet in between. Over at Eurogamer, they sat down for an interview with publishing content manager Etienne Bouvier and transmedia director Aymar Azaïzia, who both handle the series outside of gaming.

Providing details about a wider project called Assassin's Creed: Stories, fans can expect a lot across 2021. Sadly, they couldn't elaborate on the two upcoming Netflix shows, only advising both are still in development, but that's not all they've got in the works.

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Ubisoft Offer Details About Assassin's Creed Plans In 2021, Revealing New Expanded Universe Projects

While focus was split across multiple areas of Assassin's Creed continuity, Bouvier details the upcoming "Fragments" trilogy, a series of independent young adult novels taking us between Japan, Scotland, and France, and the first has already released in France.

Soon moving to Black Flag, Azaïzia mentions they're working on a webtoon sequel. When pressed about this, he advised it'll be "at a point where Edward is embracing the Creed. Because in the game, a lot of people forget Edward is not an Assassin but posing as one, helping them. And it's only at the end of the game he's like 'huh, maybe I could join'. It could be interesting to tap into that and see Edward as an Assassin."

Adding to this further, Ubisoft will also release a paperback version of webcomic "Assassin's Creed Dynasty", alongside a manhua (Chinese comic) titled "Valhalla: Blood Brothers". A 10-novel saga called "The Jade Seal Collection" is planned, set across Chinese history from the 4th-17th Centuries.

To cap it all off, after appearing in Chronicles: China, Shao Jun is also back. She'll be starring in a new book trilogy with "Assassin's Creed: The Ming Storm", and a separate audiobook saga called "Turbulence".

No matter your favourite entry, Assassin's Creed fans have plenty to look forward to.

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