How To Tame Astrodelphis In Ark Genesis Part 2 DLC

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Ark: Genesis Part 2 is here to give fans one more awesome adventure in Ark: Survival Evolved before the devs give their full attention to Ark 2 featuring Vin Diesel, though knowing what this dinosaur hunting and taming game is like, players should expect plenty of updates.

While Ark: Survival Evolved did make a name for itself by having dinosaur-killing in a survival game, being able to tame them has been a bit of fun for players since sometimes forces them to not be violent.

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How To Tame Astrodelphis In Ark Genesis Part 2 DLC

One of the many dinosaurs that Ark: Genesis 2 lets you tame is the Astrodelphis, an aquatic-based creature that most players would probably shoot on instinct.

However, like a number of other dinosaurs in this game, the Astrodelphis must be tamed in a non-violent manner so only shoot any dinos that might be interrupting the taming process.

Unfortunately, a lot of dinos could attack you while you’re trying to tame a dinosaur, that’s just how Ark works sadly.

Taming the Astrodelphis can be an issue since players will need to pet it twice and feed it some Element, though, keep in mind that the creature could run away after the first pet.

Players will need to try feeding it Element after the first pet, which can be a bit tricky, so try to be on your toes when taming this creature.

Just be patient and you’ll eventually have an Astrodelphis on your side, which should make traveling around a bit better.

Ark: Genesis Part 2 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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