Tufi, Apex Legends Cheater, Terrorizes Competitive Players

Apex Legends competitive players, especially those who routinely make it to Predator ranking, have a boogie man haunting them, and their handle is Tufi.

Tufi routinely targets Top 500 Apex Legends players with cheats and hacks that Respawn cannot seem to stop.

Tufi, Apex Legends Cheater

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TUFI: Feared and hated among Apex Predators

Tufi is a name that has terrorized Apex Legends players and Respawn Devs for quite some time now.

Unlike many other cheaters and hackers, Tufi seems to revel in the publicity their actions cause, frequently taunting competitive players, streamers, and Apex Legends developers.

It seems no matter what actions Respawn tries to take against Tufi; they are in vain.

Tufi always finds a way around hardware bans and other methods to keep the cheater off Apex Legends servers.

Not much is known about Tufi, just that they are most likely a European player and have been an Apex Legends player since day one.

Their sole purpose for cheating is because it is fun.

They target high-level players and streamers due to the public nature of their status among the community, delighting in the frustration and havoc they cause.

While not a cheat developer themselves, Tufi utilizes many different cheats, hacks, and known Apex Legends glitches to ruin the games of others.

One of their favorite tactics is to get into Predator-level competitive games with a Bronze account and terrorize players with aimbots and taunting messages.

Many competitive players have learned to try and avoid Tufi as much as possible, while others try to take him down in-game, which is not an easy feat.

Then some appeal to Tufi, caving to his demands and humiliating themselves on stream to not incur their wrath.

Apex Content Creators, such as Shiv, sometimes find themselves driven to the edge by Tufi's antics.

Recently, Shiv received a temporary Twitch ban after going a rage-filled tirade after finally taking down Tufi in a match.

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Taking Down Tufi

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RESPAWN: They can only do so much

Some in the community question Respawn about Tufi's exploits and what they are doing about them.

The truth is, there will always be a way around anti-cheat systems, account bans, and hardware bans for those with the will and skill to bypass them.

No matter what Respawn has thrown at Tufi, the cheater always finds a way to come back to haunt Apex Legends competitive players and content creators.

As long as Apex Legends servers are running, Tufi will find a way in.

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