Apex Legends Locked Characters Bug: How To Fix Missing Legends

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Apex Legends Season 9 has launched and whilst this is great news for fans eager to try out the new content, it's not exactly been the smoothest of launches.

For one thing, there have been continuing server issues since launch, with huge server queues impacting players enjoyment.

The thing is, even those players who have been able to find their way into the game are also having a whole host of issues.


One of the biggest problems right now appears to be players encounters locked characters.

Given the sheer number of character available in this multiplayer shooter, it's a pretty big issue to be impacting players.

Not least for anyone who has put time into mastering a particular characters unique set of Abilities and passives.

There is of course some legends to choose from, but it's a much smaller roster and obviously not ideal. Especially for those keen to try out Valkyre, the latest legend to join the game.

How To Fix Locked Characters Bug

For the time being there is no quick fix for the issue, but the developers at Respawn Entertainment have stated they are actively trying to solve the problem

Writing on Twitter, Respawn told fans: "All platforms are continuing to recover, but issues persist. In particular, our Marketplace service is struggling, which is restricting players to base Legends and limited skins. We'll keep these updates coming!"

This, however, was over three hours ago (at the time of writing) so it's unlikely Respawn will have a solution anytime soon.

More to follow.