Apex Legends Players Have GTA-Style Ship Chase In Duos

A screenshot of a trident in Apex Legends.

A screenshot of a trident in Apex Legends.

Despite recent issues with the game causing a group of players to consider going on strike and refusing to play it, it seems there are still some people having fun in Apex Legends.

For a few players, this fun has come via teaming up with friends to take on duos and trios matches, which can offer a little bit of a change from standard Apex games, assuming that's what you’re looking for.

In the case of one pair, a recent duos match provided the opportunity to bring a taste of the GTA series to their favourite battle royale game, as a recent Reddit thread has illustrated.

Turns Out High-Speed Pursuits Aren’t Just a GTA Thing

Posting to begin this thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user thechosencheese shared a clip of them and a friend hopping into a trident and chasing down a few other pairs while raining down machine gun fire, captioning it: “My friend and I played some GTA in Apex Duos.”

The responses to this post saw a number of other players wish for more trident-based encounters in their own duos games, with user CallMeNurseMaybe saying: “Honestly I wish this happened more in matches. I’ve been playing since before Olympus launched and I think I might’ve been in a trident chase once this entire time. Never saw one (in progress) either” and Zizakkz adding: “Never seen or had this happen and I'm extremely jealous. That looks so fun to be a part of either trident.”

A few other users offered possible explanations for trident chases being such a rarity in-game, with electrapng suggesting: “I think the part that makes tridents unappealing (and trident goofiness like this so rare) is that you take damage if the trident itself gets hit, instead of the trident having a health pool.”

While changing this mechanic seems like it could be central to encouraging more players to use tridents, a couple of users in the thread suggested that they wouldn’t be happy if this were to lead Apex to become too much like Call of Duty Warzone or Halo.

At the same time, another user-outlined their argument in favour of trident use being expanded to include a racing-style game mode in which weapons are still permitted, a bit like GTA Online’s GTA races.

Meanwhile, user fuzioncold92 compared the clip shared by CallMeNurseMaybe to a truly classic game, declaring: “bro, Simpsons Hit and Run remastered.”

So, load up Olympus, hop in your trident, and make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 13, which kicked off in May.

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