The Best Apex Legends Stats Tracker

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When it comes to competitive games, like Apex Legends, players love to track their stats.

While Apex Legends does a great job of tracking a player's stats for them in-game, reporting from outside the game is a bit more difficult.

Tracker Network, known for its in-depth tracking of player stats for Fortnite, Valorant, Rocket League, and more, also does Apex Legend tracking but is limited by the information the game offers up to external services.

Apex Legends Stats Through TRN

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TRACKING: TRN does the best with what it is offered

Respawn Entertainment only offers so much information with its Apex Legends API.

Currently, 3rd party sites can pull information about a player's currently selected Legends, and that information is limited to the default Trackers equipped to that legend.

This means that if a player is currently using Bangalore with a Kills Tracker, Wins Tracker, and Season 8 Wins tracker, the information sites such as TRN can collect would be:

  • Bangalore
  • Kills
  • Wins

Season 8 Wins would not come through as it is not a default tracker.

If this player logged back into the game and swapped these three Trackers out for other defaults, this information would then be added to TRN.

Stats are updated every three minutes, and all Legends tracked remain in TRN, allowing players to build up a collection of their historical statistics over time.

Apex Legends does cache stats, so sometimes it takes a bit of time for stats to make from the game to 3rd party services such as TRN.

The process is a bit painful at first, but for players devoted to their stats, it provides a great insight into their overall game progression over time.

While Apex Legends' in-game stats provide the most up-to-date and detailed information, TRN does the best job with the information it is allowed to pull.

With their latest update, TRN can now pull information regarding Season 9: Legacy from player's profiles, allowing the most current statistics to be viewed with their latest update.

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