“We Have Lost the Power” - Apex Legends Teammates Tease ShivFPS for Shaving His Beard

Shivam' ShivFPS' Patel is an Apex Legends ranked pro who is known for his long and glorious beard. I assumed that he would simply shape his beard and leave it long for however long he streamed. However, things have changed, and he has lost the one thing everyone knows him for.

The sudden shave of his luscious and jealousy-inducing beard surprised everyone. Even his teammates were shocked. As friends often do, they made light of the situation by making jokes.

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Apex Legends ShivFPS beard

To be honest, I had no idea who this Apex Legends pro was when I first saw him. I was taken aback when I realized it. Honestly, I just wanted him to trim his beard to look more presentable, but this is too much. The following is a tweet from a teammate alongside what ShivFPS looks like now:

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The hilarious Twitlong is from a teammate representing the team. The attached Twitlong reads:

soloQgoats future
We have lost the power of Shiv's beard and are unsure if we can continue.

If that's not true friendship, I don't know what is. The new ShivFPS. I hope his beard grows back soon. I prefer it to be a lot more kept than wild this time.

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