EA Called NICKMERCS To Remove Trainwrecks From His Apex Legends Tournament

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff revealed that EA asked him not to include Tyler 'Trainwrecks' Niknam in his Apex Legends tournament. Trainwrecks responded to EA on Twitter by revealing that there was more to the story than initially revealed. Many believe this has something to do with Trainwrecks' gambling streams, but the company says it's unfair.

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Apex Legends MFAM Tournament

Trainwrecks will no longer be allowed to participate in Nickmercs' MFAM (Mercs Family) tournament. As explained in the clip below, his manager was asked by EA themselves to disallow Trainwrecks from participating:

That alone is a huge revelation for those who didn't know. Trainwrecks was one of those people who were less than happy about being singled out. He claimed it was because of his gambling.

EA pushes loot boxes in all their games, from FIFA to Apex Legends. Loot boxes have been labeled a form of gambling in many countries. Check out these tweets:

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It's interesting to see how many streamers came out to defend Trainwrecks. Many of them were due to the hypocrisy of being against gambling when they provide a similar service. Other people, like JGOD, were just glad to see him go up against the company.

We may never know why they're against it so much.

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