Sweet Wants Valkyrie To Be Nerfed in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends' Valkyrie is among the game's top-tier characters. Many pros and streamers dislike using her because of her skills and usability. One of them is Christopher 'Sweetdreams' Sexton, who has a pretty useful nerf.

It's to counter her ultimate, which recharges in three minutes in Apex Legends Ranked. In Sweet's view, Valkyrie's ultimate makes her overpowered, but she's also powerful in other ways. His idea is to limit the number of times players can use Skyward Dive since it's a huge boost to any team.


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Apex Legends Valkyrie

First, let's look at the clip, found by Alex Tsiaoussidis of Dexerto, where Sweet points out multiple ways to nerf the ability:

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It's not overpowered, but it's an unfair way to get out of a bad situation. She also uses Missle Swarm, which is incredibly powerful. Although most of the ultimates should be insane powerhouses, Valkyrie's is the best.

She's basically the meta character since she has a barrage of missiles that can really turn the tide or just mess up an opponent's party. If that doesn't work, or if a team is about to get third-partied, she can just have them all fly away.