Apex Legends RE-45 Pistol: Damage Stats, Attachments, and Skins

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Apex Legends Factory Issue RE-45 Skin

Pistols aren't considered to be the top-tier weapons in Apex Legends, but there is one that's defied all opinions and it has become a fan favourite. The RE-45 is an automatic pistol, meaning that all you need to do is hold the trigger down and aim it at your enemies.

The RE-45 has been a part of Apex Legends for quite a long time, but it has only really gained popularity in recent seasons. This is mainly down to the introduction of Arena's Mode. This 3vs3 PvP mode is where the automatic pistol really shines. Its fast fire rate combined with its variety of attachments makes it truly dangerous.

In this guide, we're going to show you the damage stats, attachments, and skins for the RE-45.

RE-45 Basic Information

Here is the basic information that you need to know about the RE-45 Pistol:

  • Weapon Type: Pistol
  • Firing Modes: Auto
  • Ammo Type: Light Rounds
  • Magazine Size: 16 / 19 / 22 / 25
  • Range: Close
  • Tac Reload time: 1.5s
  • Full Reload time: 1.95s
  • Rate of Fire: 780 RPM
  • Projectile Speed: 19,500 UPS

RE-45 Damage Stats

How much damage does a RE-45 Pistol do in Apex? That's what you really need to know. Just below you'll find the damage stats for the RE-45. Do note these are just the basic damage stats and do not reflect stats for Fortified Legends (Caustic, Gibraltar) where damage stats are typically reduced by 15%.

Target Damage Shots To Kill: 100HP 150HP 175HP 200HP 225HP
Level 1 Helmet1769111214
Level 2 Helmet16710111315
Level 3/4 Helmet15710121415

RE-45 Attachments

There are a range of different attachments available for the RE-45 Pistol, including five sights, a Barrel Stabilizer, and an Extended Mag.


  • 1x Holo (Common)
  • 1x HCOG Classic (Common)
  • 2x HCOG Bruiser (Rare)
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo (Rare)
  • 1x Digital Threat (Legendary)


  • Barrel Stabiliser
  • Extended Light Mag
Apex Legends Modern Advances Legendary RE-45 Skin
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RE-45 Skins

At the time of writing, there is a total of 66 weapon skins for the RE-45 Pistol in Apex Legends. This includes 12 Legendary, 9 Epic, 29 Rare, and 16 Common skins. The prices of the skins range from 30 Crafting Metals (Common) to 1,200 Crafting Metals (Legendary).

RE-45 Review - Is It Good?

The RE-45 is one of three pistols available in Apex Legends, in our opinion, it's the best Pistol currently in the game. It's not a gun that you will choose to use in the later rounds of Arenas, but it's brilliant for gaining that first win in the first or second round. Also, it's perfect as a secondary weapon in Battle Royale (if you can get the right attachments). We do recommend pairing it with an Assault Rifle or SMG to create a truly devastating pairing.

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