Apex Legends Mozambique: Damage Stats, How To Use Like A Pro, Skins, And More

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The Mozambique Shotgun has been a part of the Apex Legends title since its release, but the triple-barrel shotgun/pistol has recently undergone a significant makeover in order to give it the buff that it required.

With a higher magazine capacity now added to the gun, has the ever present gun finally made its way into contention for those looking for a close range weapon in Arenas?

On this page we're going to run you through everything you need to know about the Mozambique Shotgun Pistol. The automatic, triple-barrel shotgun is one of four shotguns available in Apex Legends.

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Mozambique Basic Information

Here is the basic information that you need to know about the Mozambique Shotgun Pistol:

  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Firing Modes: Automatic
  • Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Range: Close
  • Reload time: 2.4s
  • Rate of Fire: 138 RPM
  • Projectile Speed: 10,000 UPS

Mozambique Damage Stats

How much damage does a Mozambique do in Apex? That's what you really need to know. Just below you'll find the damage stats for the Mozambique shotgun. Do note these are just the basic damage stats and do not reflect stats for Fortified Legends (Caustic, Gibraltar) where damage stats are typically reduced by 15%.

Target Damage Shots To Kill: 100 HP 150 HP 175 HP 200 HP 225 HP
Level 1 Helmet5423445
Level 2 Helmet4534455
Level 3/4 Helmet4234556

Mozambique Attachments

There are only a small number of attachments available for the Mozambique, with five sights and a Shotgun Bolt currently in-game.


  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG Classic
  • 2x HCOG Bruiser
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 1x Digital Threat

Shotgun Bolt

Once attached, the Shotgun Bolt will increase the fire-rate for the Mozambique. The % increase is dependant on which level your gun is, with the percentages as follows:

  • Rare: 15% higher fire rate
  • Epic: 25% higher fire rate
  • Legendary: 35% higher fire rate

Mozambique Skins

Currently, there is a total of 57 weapon skins available for the Mozambique Shotgun, including 10 Legendary, 6 Epic, 25 Rare and 16 Common.

The Lions Roar (Legendary) is a personal favourite of ours!
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The Lions Roar (Legendary) is a personal favourite of ours!

The price of the skins range from 30 CM (Common) to 1,200 CM (Legendary).

Mozambique Review - Is It Good?

There is no doubting that the Mozambique Shotgun has improved significantly since its Season 9 rejig, but we're still sceptical to use it over some of the other shotguns available.

It is arguably a better alternative to the P2020 Pistol if you're looking for a free, second gun option for in Arenas, but we wouldn't be using it in the later rounds, that's for sure.