Apex Legends Raiders Event Start Time: When Does The Collection Event Begin?

A brand new event is coming to Apex Legends tomorrow!

Entitled the Raiders Collection Event, the limited-time arrival will see the Winter Express make its return to the Apex universe.

With a host of new cosmetics and more up for grabs, it could be the perfect tonic to keep Season 11 gamers busy in the build-up to Christmas.

Want to know when you will be able to get stuck into the festivities? Well you've come to the right place!

When will the Raiders Collection Event begin?

The Raiders Collection Event will get underway on Tuesday, December 7th.

As is usually the case, Respawn Entertainment have remained tight lipped on what time the event will begin, but working off past promotional releases, we can give a fair estimate on when it should kick-off.

We are expecting to see the Winter Express pull into Apex Legends at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT.

What is the Raiders Collection Event?

So what actually can we expect from the Raiders Collection Event?

In short, a lot of festive fun in the form of challenges, rewards and much more.

But if that's not enough information to appease your appetite, then you can view the full Raiders Collection Event trailer below.

Raiders Collection Event Rewards

As is the case with any release, you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what is in store in terms of the rewards for the Raiders Collection Event.

But, fear not, as EA Sports have kindly delivered a sneak preview of a brand new skin that will be arriving as part of the upcoming release.

The Deep Current Wattson skin will be coming tomorrow, and you can view it in all its glory below.

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