NICKMERCS Reaches Predator In Apex Legends While Fans Compare Him To CouRageJD

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has finally reached the top of the Apex Legends community. After spending so long trying to earn the title on his own, he is now an Apex Predator. Interestingly, most of the comments on his Tweet compare NICKMERCS' achievement to Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop's, and the difference is obvious.

Nickmercs worked hard and avoided playing with other predators. Comparing his games to CouRageJD's is very different, especially when someone tweets their victories. CouRageJD teamed with one of the best players in the game and got zero kills and seven assists, whereas Nickmercs stands with people at his level and has more kills than assists.

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Apex Legends Predator

We'll start with NICKMERCS' tweet where he is just happy to have reached the rank:

It's funny that he says "Earned," in his tweet. This is a strong reference to when he said CouRageJD was "carried" by his duos partners, who were top Apex Legends players. Several of CouRageJD's Apex Legends streams, including the one where he made Apex Predator, were dominated by his partners.

WATCH: The Moment CouRageJD Reached Predator Rank In Apex Legends

NICKMERCS successfully avoided this by getting through the ranks with players of his skill. Here's one of the tweets highlighting it:

It has been said that assists are as good as kills, but that is such a ridiculous claim that I felt I should bring it up. In the end, what matters is the outcome. No way around it—NICKMERCS and CouRageJD are Apex Predators. Congratulations to NICKMERCS!

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