NICKMERCS Is Making a Team To Compete as an Apex Legends Pro

It is no longer a surprise why Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff tried so hard in Apex Legends. The goal wasn't just to reach Predator but to form a cohesive team. What's the reason for that? So he could become an Apex Legends Pro.

He revealed that his plans include adding one final permanent member to his Apex Legends team. This second member will be ItsDeeds, and a third member to be decided. Together they will form a powerful team to take on the best in Apex Legends. Nick has already set a date for becoming a real team as February.

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NICKMERCS Apex Legends Team

As he always does, NICKMERCS started his stream by saying that he doesn't care what anyone thinks, "First and foremost, I'm gonna play what I want to play at the times I want to play it." After talking about playing Call of Duty, he went into detail about his Apex Legends plans:

"You know I want to keep climbing the ranks of Predator and then I want to get to a point where we're very comfortable with Deeds and whoever we pick up as a Trio before late February. Then I want to go for Apex Pro, you know what I mean?"

So it appears that NICKMERCS' attempt at competitive Apex Legends was no mere passing fancy. He wants to become a pro like ImperialHal.

Here's the clip. Start it at 2:31 to hear his plans:

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What do you think? Is NICKMERCS good enough to be a pro, or is this him reaching a bit too high?

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