"I Definitely Care" - NICKMERCS Addresses Declining Numbers Since Playing Apex Legends And His Plan

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It's fun to play Apex Legends, but is it worth losing all your views? NICKMERCS Kolcheff finally stopped saying, "I don't care about my numbers, I play what I want," and was more honest about the situation. He stated, "I definitely care, you know, I'd be lying to your face if I said I didn't care," and gave a plan for the future.

It may be that Twitch wants NICKMERCS to maintain a certain view count, and Twitch is notorious for not being flexible. This drop may have made Nick nervous. Couldn't Call of Duty be the ideal solution? It's fun to play Apex Legends, but is it so compelling that you can't even waste a few hours playing Warzone with your friends?

NICKMERCS: "I Signed The Biggest Deal Of My Life." NICKMERCS Teases A HUGE Contract As His Twitch Deal Nears Its End

NICKMERCS Apex Legends

Twitch is another point I would like to emphasize. We recently published an article in which Ludwig and Moist Cr1TiKal talked about how Twitch wasn't as good to streamers as other platforms regarding money and relationships.

According to reports, Twitch gave NICKMERCS the largest deal between a streamer and a platform. Perhaps Twitch is trying to pressure Nick regarding Apex Legends and his attitude, "I don't care." This is a strange change from how he was speaking before.

Here's the video, he starts talking about numbers right away:

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The plan is to continue to release Apex Legends content and trust that it will resonate with the community. Twitch is his biggest source of income, so I'm more concerned about the contract than his other businesses.

How do you feel about this? Nick is hesitant to return to Call of Duty. Is there a reason for it? Do his decisions make sense?

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