NICKMERCS Tries His First Apex Legends Esports Tournament

Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has been putting his all into climbing the Apex Legends ranked ladder for weeks now, putting in 70+ hours a week to try to become an Apex Predator. After switching from Call of Duty: Warzone due to the game's cheating problem, he has enjoyed relative success in Respawn's battle royale.

This weekend he took aim at a different target, however, and took part in the ALGS Year 2 qualifiers. He joined up with regular ranked teammates Thomas '72hrs' Mulligan and Dennis 'Cloakzy' Lepore to take to the tournament, and dropped into World's Edge with teams like BenchWarmers and Dude's Night Out. The team's substitute, 'itsdeeds', did not make an appearance.

While NICKMERCS' squad, who went by the name Tripod, didn't quite match the levels of the seasoned Apex Legends pros that make up the aforementioned teams, but they gave it a good go nonetheless.

NICKMERCS Tries His First Apex Legends Esports Tournament

Tripod made it through the first two rounds of qualifiers despite never quite popping off. However, Round 3 proved too much for them, and NICKMERCS and co. didn't make it through to the second day of ALGS qualification matches.

However, during his stream of the event NICKMERCS says he feels that he "did alright" considering it's his first venture into Apex Legends esports.

Despite NICKMERCS' previous success in both Fortnite and Call of Duty tournaments, it seems that Apex Legends is a step too far at the moment. That being said, he dove straight in with the biggest tournament - perhaps if he tries his hand at some weekly competitions or adds an experienced Apex player to his roster he could perform better.

Until then, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing NICKMERCS in the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League for a while. Maybe he'll get there when Split 2 comes around and Apex Legends Season 11 hits.

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