"More Than Your Family Makes In A Year" - NICKMERCS Crushes A Twitch Viewer Who Heckled His Apex Legends Videos

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Normally, Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff doesn't care what his hecklers think while playing Apex Legends. Viewers often believe that all streamers are just chasing views, but the big ones have moved past that. In response to a heckler's question about his YouTube views, Nickmercs makes this point.

Views fluctuate depending on how popular the game is. Apex Legends was the most significant thing a few months ago, and now Warzone is coming back due to a new update. Recently, a heckler told NickMERCS that his content sucked because he was streaming Apex Legends. Nick decided to correct him.


NICKMERCS on Apex: NICKMERCS Tries To Take On The #1 Predator In Apex Legends

NICKMERCS Streaming Apex Legends

As Nick points out below, fans come for the streamer, not just the game. My friends at Esports Talk (Start at 00:18) have a longer video, but this clip found by Dexerto shows the beginning. I have quotes of the most important parts below.

A Twitch user named Geemanh says this:

"Lol look at ur views on YT, straight trash, Apex trash"

NICKMERCS responds accordingly:

"Bro, those views that we're getting right now on YouTube make more money than your family sees in a f***ing year--in a month. So I don't know why you're coming at me all flexing on me for cause me and the team do--do work… Yeah, yeah, they are down. But I'm having fun gaming. And I want to upload, stream, what the f*** I want to stream."

I know this will end when we get to the Apex Legends Season 11 release date. Then people will be telling Nick that he's jumping on the bandwagon.


NICKMERCS Plays Apex Legends

NICKMERS is not being mean or strutting; he's taking down a viewer who wanted to start something. Nick rarely mentions his money because he's not concerned about it like many influencers. Once you reach a certain level, it stops being a big concern and becomes something that flows naturally.

Yet, too many people seem to think that it keeps everyone up at night. Chris Gardner has a quote that definitely helps those who think that way:

"Too many of us for a long time have confused our net worth with our self-worth. Your net worth is going to fluctuate. It's going to go up and down; that's what money does… We've got to say to ourselves, 'my net worth is not my self-worth.'"

NICKMERCS isn't one of those celebrities who cares if they look rich all the time. TimTheTatman, PewDiePie, Pokimane, and many others follow a similar philosophy: Be happy by getting to pursue your dreams. It's a good mantra.