NICKMERCS Tries To Take On The #1 Predator In Apex Legends

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In Apex Legends, Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff faced the number one Apex Predator. Although he didn't realize it at the time, everything made sense later. The predator's rank was earned not only because they shot well but also because they were brilliant.

Throughout the whole process, the team applied the environment without ever panicking. Apex Legends is known for being a team-based game, and exactly that happened. At the time of recording, Bloodhound9218 was the number one Apex Predator.


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#1 Apex Predator In Apex Legends

I will explain exactly what happened after the video, but there's a reason things ended the way they did.

Start at 17:55 for the climax I'm talking about.


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As NICKMERCS admits:

"They're up top Thermal from the last three zones because they know it's gonna pull there bro. Because they've played the game three f***ing years and we don't know that bro."

I think it's an incredibly true statement. It was a win of strategy, not better shooting. The Predators put NICKMERCS' team in a bad position by the Apex Predators, then capitalized on it.


If anyone missed it, let me explain why they lost. NICKMERCS' team is in a pit that has lava with only the barriers to protect them. The Predators are in the center of the pit.

NICKMERCS and his team believe they have cornered the Predators, but that has always been the strategy. As the zone shrinks, NICKMERCS and his team have to move closer to the railing. In this situation, they have no choice but to hurry while the predators wait for the situation to pass.

The Predators are aware that the zone will become small enough to be within it while every other team won't be. Right before NICKMERCS dies, the circle hits a point where it offers two options: Eat lava or get killed by the circle. The predators will shoot NICKMERCS' team as they try and cross the lava.

It's a situation where strategy won the day.