Mass Bans in Apex Legends over boosting

Mass bans have spread across the Apex Legends community. As of today, 2,051 users have been banned for boosting. Boosting is a way of leveling up or gaining rank unfairly, it's been as simple as playing with cheaters to even allowing yourself to be killed to help another player.

While this may not seem like a big deal, multiple Apex Legends players were able to make it to Predator Rank using these methods. If anything, it's incredibly unfair that everyone else has to work hard to make it to Predator, while others can just cheat their way there. It's not as bad as hacking but still affects the community.

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Apex Legends bans

Apex Legends has given these players bans between 7-60 days, but they have confirmed that the worst players will be banned until February. The next ban will be permanent, so this one is more of a warning.

The statistics are as follows:

  • PC: 607
  • PS4: 859
  • X1: 562
  • Switch: 22

Would it be possible to take a moment to see that the Switch players were most likely just 2-3 groups of kids who wanted to be high-ranked? In Modern Warfare 2, I used to trade kills in private rooms to raise my rank. These days, kids do it with real consequences.

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Hopefully, Apex Legends can be just as hard on hackers in the future. It's not the ones who play the system to get to the top that bothers me, it's the ones who play unfairly (cheaters and hackers).

How do you feel about this? The developers are working so hard to stop boosting, is it really so bad? Is this going too far?

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