“F*** You, Listen to Me!” - ImperialHal Having Growing Pains With New Apex Legends Teammate

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TSM's Apex Legends team has been experiencing growing pains since Eric "Snip3down" Wrona left. As he pointed out, ImperialHal seemed hesitant to yell, which may be because of his teammate. Philip 'Imperialhal' Dosen has taken this to heart and has become more direct with his new teammate.

After Snip3down left Halo Infinite, Evan "Verhulst" Verhulst took his place. ImperialHal has always been the leader, and he corrects mistakes according to the status quo. So far, it has worked, but the new team is not as close as they would like to be.

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TSM Apex Legends

It seems ImperialHal is becoming louder and more confident. Though he's still not where he'd be with Snip3down, as he used to call him an idiot, he's getting closer.

Despite this, Verhulst tends not to follow orders and acts on his own. There is no time for that in the heat of battle, and it is frustrating for ImperialHal. I cannot see this team winning any tournaments shortly.


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For those who don't know why ImperialHal is the leader, he explained why in a video:

What do you think? Should ImperialHal change his style, or should Verhulst fall in line?

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