"Shut the f*** up!" - Apex Legends Shouting Match between C9 Zachmazer & TSM Albralelie

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The reason tensions get so high during Apex Legends is it is a team-based game. It's funny and awkward to watch teams break down, but lately, streamers haven't delivered much. These clips, however, show a true breakdown of communication.

Zach 'Zachmazer' Mazer yelled at Mac 'TSM Albralelie' Beckwith, who screamed right back at him. We expect rage like this, not tense but angry discussions, but full-throated shouting matches about who's at fault. Below are clips from both points of view.

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Apex Legends shouting match

In this match, there were two enemies on either side of the team, one in front of them and one behind them. As the team attempted to regain their footing, volleys of bullets continued to come at them. Not many people will make it out alive in this situation. Regardless of how they got there, surviving for a few seconds is an accomplishment.

Albralelie was certain that the enemy couldn't have killed him because he was completely covered. According to Zachmazer, Albralelie was out in the open:

The enemy killed his teammates as they tried to revive him—it's that simple. Zachmazer's approach to Albralelie was a major point of contention for Albralelie, who was just attempting to adjust his settings when he was given the blame:

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In some ways, that's just how Zachmazer is, and while some people, like NICKMERCS, find it funny, others find it offensive. NICKMERCS' reaction to seeing the clip shows how accustomed he is to Zachmazer:

What do you think? Did Zachmazer go too far, or is Albralelie just mad that he got called out?

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