How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends: Abilities, Tips & More

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Ash of Apex Legends, introduced in Season 11.
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Season 11 of Apex Legends introduces Dr. Ashleigh 'Ash' Reid as its 19th character in the FPS title. Ash is coined the 'Incisive Instigator' and has already made waves as a deadly legend amongst her counterparts. She is best played on the offensive, suited to aggressive play styles that require plenty of hit-and-runs and flanks. With this in mind, she is best played by those who want to rack up multiple kills, however, she is not easy to master.

In this guide, we explain how to play as Ash in Apex Legends.


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Ash's Abilities in Apex Legends

Here are Ash's abilities in Apex Legends:

  • Passive: Marked for Death - Ash's map will reveal the location of recent deathboxes and marks any surviving attackers. May only be used once per deathbox.
  • Tactical: Arc Snare - Ash will throw a spinning snare that damages the first enemy who gets too close to it. This ability has a cooldown period of 24 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Phase Breach - Ash may open a one-way portal to a targeted location. The portal is also usable by allies and enemies. This ability is active for 15 seconds and then has a cooldown period of 120 seconds.

How To Play as Ash in Apex Legends

Ash's abilities in Apex Legends mean that she is a strong hunter. Wherever she stands, she can use her kit to immediately locate enemy squads, travel to them, and then take them down quickly. However, her downfall is perhaps the fact that her kit is not geared towards dealing any additional damage. While she can track down ongoing fights between squads and get involved, she needs a strong team beside her to take out squads until a player is more confident with raw skill alone.

While being an offensive agent, Ash can act as a substitute for recon legends due to her abilities as a hunter. Players using Ash should try to deal damage from a distance as they approach enemy squads if they're not entirely confident; in particular, Ash's ultimate ability can be used to gain access to elevated positions that will put her in a position of power against enemy squads, especially with grenades or suitable weapons. Additionally, Ash's Passive ability doesn't merely need to be used aggressively; Marked for Death is great to use tactically as a means of avoiding fights until you and your squad are prepared.

Ash of Apex Legends, introduced in Season 11.

Team Compositions for Ash in Apex Legends

Keeping Ash's abilities in mind, there are a couple of fellow legends in Apex that she works well with. First and foremost, Ash aligns well with Revenant in terms of fighting power. Their abilities in combination with each other will help to overcome each other's weaknesses, aiding them in keeping on top of opponents at all times.

Secondly, Ash also pairs well with legends who specialise in hunting down opposing teams and taking on quick fights. For example, pairing Ash with Seer, Bloodhound, or Crypto can work nicely. Ash can use her abilities to aid these characters with finding enemies fast, portal towards the enemy squad, and then go in for the push.

Ash can also be great in combination with other aggressive legends. If an Ash player and their squad are feeling confident that they can run through fight after fight, pairing Ash with the likes of Wraith, Valkyrie, or Pathfinder can allow for some fun, offensive gameplay.


That's all there is to know about playing as Ash in Apex Legends! Good luck trying to master her. For more on Apex Legends, check out our guide on the best landing spots and our weapon tier list; both of which are kept up to date with Apex Legends' latest season.