"The Bad Boy Trainwreck" - Nickmercs Adds Fuel to Fire Sparking Drama in Apex Legends

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff recently took to stream to air out a few details about Tyler Trainwreck' Niknam's bad-boy persona in the Apex Legends community. The drama can be dated back to November when EA officially disallowed trainwreck to compete in NICKMERCS' Apex Legends tournament.

In one of his recent broadcasts, NICKMERCS openly calls Trainwreck a "good boy" who pretends to be the guy that always goes against the curve. He firmly believes that Trainwrecks is pretending to be an outlaw and that rules are implemented for a reason.

Well, NICKMERCS doesn't need a 2x HCOG to see through pretentiousness!

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NICKMERCS shines a light on Trainwreck's bad-boy image after Apex Legends drama

Ever since that incident with EA, Trainwreck has been vociferously upholding his stance about the corruption in the gaming industry and how things work in this business. His tweets reveal how some of these major companies use hypocritical methods to go about their influencer management.

NICKMERCS had a few things to say about Trainwreck, and he was certainly not holding back. He said:

"Train, you know you are a good boy, actually. So why are you acting like you're against following the rules?"

NICKMERCS also highlights that he doesn't think Trainwreck is wrong about everything. He points out that Trainwreck runs a brilliant community and that NICKMERCS is a proud member of his ape gang. However, he believes that Trainwreck needs to stop pretending to be the outlaw, the bad boy in the community.

"If you're a rulebreaker, and you hated the rule, then you just f****** stream from Texas."

NICKMERCS highlighted the Apex Legends incident to validate his point. While some may see this as light banter, others would want to incite the situation between these two veteran streamers.

Below is a clip where NICKMERCS calls Trainwreck "the outlaw"

Do you think Trainwreck is absolutely spot on with all his statements against corruption? Did NICKMERCS take it too far by roasting Trainwreck on stream?

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