Apex Legends: What Is Tap-Strafing and Has It Been Removed?

Apex Legends Season 2 Wattson Shush Action

Apex Legends Season 2 Wattson Shush Action

Battling against enemy squads to be the champion is your main goal in Apex Legends. There are several ways you can make your way to the top. You can use stealth and ambush tactics or run and gun while hoping for the best. Also, using the several movement options on offer can help you outmaneuver enemies too. One move that has increased in popularity is known as tap-strafing, but what is it and has it been removed? Let's find out.

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What Is Tap-Strafing?

Tap-Strafing is a type of move that keyboard and mouse players can do. It's a combination of controls that allow you to suddenly change direction mid-air. If you're not sure if you are doing it already, this is how to Tap-Strafe:

  • Run, slide and jump
  • At the top of the jump, hold down your desired strafe key (D=Right, A=Left)
  • Hold down the strafe key and flick the wheel of your mouse
  • Move the entire mouse in the direction you want to move and keep spinning the wheel

You should notice your Legend do a sharp turn in your desired direction. That specific movement is Tap-Strafing and it can be useful for outsmarting enemy players.

Has It Been Removed?

Tap-Strafing was originally due to be removed in patch 10.1. However, it seems that it is still in-game for now. The original date for removing the mechanic was delayed as tap-strafing couldn't be removed without damaging crucial parts of the core movement mechanics for Apex. That being said, according to this reddit thread, some players are struggling to complete some tap-strafing moves. This may mean that the movement is close to being removed altogether.

Why Is It Being Removed?

The reason for it being removed by the developers (or at least why they're trying to remove it) is because the mechanic can give keyboard players an unfair advantage. Movement is a huge part of playing Apex Legends, from sliding past enemies to running behind cover, it's important. However, with cross-play increasing in popularity, it's believed that tap-strafing gives keyboard uses an unfair advantage against console players.

Apex Legends Octane Finishing Move on Mirage
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Don't worry, there are still plenty of cool moves you can use against enemies!

There are many other ways to get to the top of the leaderboard in Apex Legends, so eventually losing tap-strafing shouldn't damage the game too much. If you're new to the game, take a look at our guide on the best legends for this season. We also have a guide that ranks all of the weapons for this season. A great Legend and a great weapon will always give you a better chance at being the winner.

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