Apex Legends Milestone Trailer Teases New Season 9 Content

Apex Legends hit another milestone this year, Respawn announced.

Following the game’s massive rise to success in just a few months in 2019, Apex Legends now has more than 100 million unique players.

Respawn celebrated the announcement by releasing a new Apex Legends trailer thanking players for their dedication.

That’s all well and good, but we’re pretty sure Respawn had a bigger reason for releasing this trailer other than saying “thanks.”

The end screen mentions “we’re just getting started” and singles out April 19 as an important date.

It’s a curious thing to do, since Apex Legends Season 9 starts in May, and War Games is already underway.

However, there’s a few key hints in the trailer that might point to what we can expect.

Apex Legends Milestone Trailer Teases New Season 9 Content

Towards the end of the trailer, Respawn shows the silhouette of a new Legend (as captured by Shrugtal).

We’re expecting Blisk sometime in the near future, but this one looks much more like Valk.

Aside from Valk’s files existing in the game’s data for months now, this Legend is hovering with jet packs — one of Valk’s signature moves.

We’re also expecting some kind of new Legend tease around April 19 or 20, so revealing Valk around that time would tie in nicely.

Based on a new image of the Apex Legends Olympus map shown in the trailer, it looks like Apex Legends Season 9 could introduce nighttime Olympus as well.

Either way, we'll know for sure once April 19 rolls around.

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