Apex Legends: Update 1.56 Patch Notes

A new patch has arrived for Apex Legends - Update 1.56 has been a much-needed addition since the Fight Night update arrived.

Apex Legends has encountered a few stability issues in recent times.

While we're nearing the start of Season 8, Respawn Entertainment is working hard to ensure the game is in the best working state.

Just because a new milestone is on the horizon, doesn't mean you can neglect the ongoing issues now!

Here's what we know about the 1.56 update in Apex Legends.

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1.56 Patch Notes

While the patch isn't a particularly spectacular or exciting update, it fixes some major issues within the game.

Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter to share the information:

"We've pushed out a patch that improves stability and (hopefully) fixes the freezing issues. This issue in particular has been tricky for us to pin down consistently, but we are hopeful that we have addressed most of the cases where it happens."

Lots of players have been experiencing regular freezing, which is hopefully fixed going forward.

"Additionally, the patch also provides a fix for the following: Issues with event skins "Haute Drop" and "Gold Standard" Errors with clicking on Steam friends list Text chat issues with Steam Several Clubs-related issues"

As we said, not an exciting update, but a necessary one.

Many would have expected 1.56 to be the patch that inducts Season 8 into the Apex history books.

But it seems we'll be getting patch 1.57 to start off Season 8, assuming nothing else goes wrong!

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